Outdoor products

Outdoor Flex Signage(Nnolit & Becklit)

We design and develop high utility glow sign boards made of various materials like PVC flex, polycarbonate or acrylic material. We produce these glow signs with custom configurations. These are used for various promotional purposes across the industry like in shops, malls, roads etc.


Solvent Printed Flex Banner

The Flex Banners are made of PVC flex material of 10 oz or 13 oz. These banners are designed with special eyelets located in the corners. We offer customized size configurations for the solvent banners.The solvent banners are extensively used in various sectors of the market including right from FMCG industry nad by shopkeepers.


Roll Up Banner Stand

We design and develop aluminum roll up banner stands, scrolling banner stands with heavy base and banner roll modules. The roll up banner stands have collapsible sides, due to which, these are easily accessible from one place to another. Also, these are available in various customized sizes like,6*3,6*2 ½,6*2,7*3,7*7 ½ and many more. Our scrolling banner stands and roll up banner stands are extensively used on shop fronts, for road shows, in malls and cinemas, etc.

Demo Tent

Our road show demo tents are basically canopies and are a convenient as well as econically way to advertise and promote products. We manufactures these by using to products viz flex and tetron. ne can avail visual and text in multicolors in our flex made products. We offer tetron made tents in 2-3 colors and use screen printing process. They can be easily packed and are very portable. These are available in size "6 x 6" ground area and 7 ft height.







  Pop Translite Display Sign  
Polytoam Banner
Car Sun Screen
Dangler glow Sign

Flex Signage
Flex Banner
Roll up Banner Stand
Demo Tent

Edgelite Sign
PVC Embossed Poster
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